Secured fashion

The technologies and innovations applied to the fashion world, as RFID, became indispensable and a critical success factor for the efficiency it gives to the entire textile and clothing industry. Participate in the supplement "Secured Fashion" that Jornal Têxtil will publish in October and publicize your solutions to secure fashion!

Technological advances in the fields of electronics, robotics, computer science and telecommunications are a key element in conquering and expanding markets, while also acting as facilitators in the organization’s processes.

No one ignores the advantages of implementing RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, for example, in stock control, storage and delivery of goods in the store.

The security issue is also a constant concern for the professional management of the textile, clothing and fashion industry, whose solutions might be technological cutting-edge systems. Although the unknown loss in the retail sector in Portugal is below the European average, it still represents more than 300 million euros.

Therefore, more and more brands and companies of the textile and clothing industry are aware of these issues, seeking information to help them implement solutions that make their business more efficient at all levels.

Considering the importance of the sector and the fundamental need of this area of business, Jornal Têxtil invites you to participate in the advertising news coverage “Secured Fashion”.

It’s time to put your company on the forefront to win in an increasingly competitive market. Who does not appear, is not remembered … and may even be forgotten!

For further information, please contact Elsa Brito (Jornal Têxtil) via email or phone 22 6191010.