Inup bets on manufacturing

Inup has started as a commercial company in 2011 and today its priority is to become a solid industrial unit. Being the third generation dedicated to home textiles, Joaquim Ferreira has decided, without cutting ties with the family’s company, Docofil, to write his own history in this sector.

«I’ve always had the dream of having my own company and since I always really liked the industry, the idea, when I founded Inup, was always transform a commercial unit in an industrial one», unveils Joaquim Ferreira in January’s issue of Jornal Têxtil. «Therefore, we are going to make investments, with the support of Portugal 2020, in terms of production capacity, but not only, to make differentiated products and with innovation characteristics. And it will be in that way that we are going to keep evolving», explains the entrepreneur.

Inup’s business is to dress the bed. «I’ve always had the principle of never dedicate myself to one single article», says Joaquim Ferreira. «We make everything from fabrics for mattresses to fabrics to quilts, including sheets and blankets», he exemplifies. «Blankets came up because is something that I know and I like and, deep down, I also want to make an entire bed», he justifies.

With an export call, Inup has in the US its main market, but it also exports to Spain, England and Lebanon, just to mention some of the countries that receive its varied range of products. «I always had in life the policy of starting with the most difficult – if I’m able to overcome the most difficult, I’m sure I will overcome everything else», confesses Joaquim Ferreira as justification to have selected the US as the market of choice. «Immediately after creating Inup, I said “I’m going there because it will take time to have the first orders”», he adds. But Europe is also in Inup’s line of sight. «At the moment, I consider that the US market is stronger and more secure in terms of consumption. But Europe is once again regaining what it has lost in the last few years. Moreover, currently Inup has prospects of growing in Europe», states the entrepreneur.

With a workforce of 24 people, the company already manufactures 50% of its production between its walls, which corresponded to more than 250 thousand meters last year. «We have an internal capacity but the companies with which we had partnerships, I’m still working with them. The investment in manufacturing is to better serve the client. The idea is that the company keeps growing its turnover, it’s not to replace subcontractors», assures Joaquim Ferreira. In 2015, Inup has doubled its revenue, to 3.2 million euros. «The customer service has improved because we started to have our own production», he underlines.