Malhas Carjor is golden

Close to celebrate the golden anniversary, Malhas Carjor is also toasting to silver. A new line of products that incorporates gold and silver in items such as coats and blankets, recalls the journey of nearly five decades dedicated to knits and paves the way to reach new markets.

Founded in 1969, Malhas Carjor has decided to anticipate the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the company and it already blew the first candle. The “Gold Collection” with gold and silver embedded in buttons, or even yarns, is already being tested in-house, but it wants to be taken to the Arab, African and Asian markets in the short term. «Ex-factory the items cost between 200 euros [for a jacket with silver] and 850 euros [for a blanket with gold]», revealed the sales director, Honorato Sousa, in an article published in Jornal Têxtil’ March issue. «They are products to sell in very special markets, such as the UAE», places that Malhas Carjor have already set foot before, but only now it feels it has the right product for an effective conquest.

«We’ve been there, but our products were not in demand because they are markets that want different and unique things. Now we have developed this little range to present something non-existent there», explained Honorato Sousa, adding that these are products made to order. «On the production level, if the customer wants, we can make one piece only», he stressed, adding that the collection involves 50 models, designed for different ages.

Currently, over 90% of Malhas Carjor’s production is destined for foreign markets and, within Europe, Spain, Italy and France have 80% of the export share, 15% are destined for countries such as Ireland, England, Netherlands and Denmark and the remaining 5% are reserved to «niche markets», being that the company already has an agent in Dubai.

Together with the new products with gold and silver, the knitwear manufacturer already has in place a new department dedicated exclusively to the development of complete collections. «We have created a new department with four people only for this kind of collections», unveiled Honorato Sousa. «So, at this moment we have three business’ areas: private label, the “Gold Collection”, with precious metals, and the area of development and manufacture of collections, being that the production might happen or not», he said. «I’m having a very good feedback, I was not expecting it», he added.

With about 80 employees and a daily production of 2,000 exterior garments for baby (0-3 months) and children (under 16 years) – as blankets, coats, gloves and hats –, raw materials such as organic cotton and cashmere are the ones experiencing more success with customers.

In 2015, the turnover remained similar to the previous year, about 2.5 million euros, even because the main goal is «to maintain sales and increase profit margins», said the sales director.