In Terra’s knits

In recent years, knitting has been deserving the attention of fashion design, transforming the art of knitters in a trend. Portuguese brand Terra was born just four months ago and with four hands, of young Maria Teresa Saraiva and Ana Luisa Jacob, and all its offerings are inspired by natural resources from Portugal.

The name immediately announces that from Terra (meaning Earth in Portuguese) flows the “made in Portugal”. All items – obtained from natural and organic fibres – are designed by the founders, fashion designers and long-time friends, and the clothing manufacture is made by Linda Bessa, the knitter who completes the brand’s trio, which is based in Oporto, where it has a small workshop.

«The manufacture is artisanal, made in manual knitting machines and details are handmade. All parts are mended by hand, including the labels», explains Maria Teresa Saraiva to Portugal Têxtil.

The idea of two young women in their 20s investing in knitted garments began about a year ago, because they want «to renew the concept of tricot as something that can be fashionable, current and fresh» and different from the knitted sweaters made by grandmothers that all grandchildren know. In addition, says Maria Teresa Saraiva, this «is a material that can be worked with much more creativity than any other».

Terra became a reality just over four months and since then has earned a prominent place in national press and, of course, in the web. In its official Facebook’s page and Instagram – Terra’s main sales channel, which then joins the presence in “small marketplaces” – Quartzo, Mármore and Carvão’s crop tops seem to fill the tastes and the wardrobes of millennials with a critical sense of fashion and bohemian looks.

«The feedback we have received from our customers is very positive. Consumers praise the way of communication we have and generally they buy more than one item», reveals the co-founder of Terra, who also mentions recent orders from Switzerland.

The yarn suppliers are also Portuguese. «One of the companies is Rosários4», she tells and, currently, the brand has already available two collections, with products such as tops, sweaters and dresses with prices ranging between 34.99 and 79.99 euros.

Still young, but with solid pillars «such as Portuguese design, Portuguese clothing manufacture, quality, exclusivity and the tricot’s innovation», Terra already has plans for the future and those are reaching new markets and, within the brand’s portfolio, the announcement of «a novelty still this summer».