Coração Bobo doesn’t leave marks

With a reunion of friends in Brazil came up a winning idea for this season: a tan without marks. Coração Bobo is a 100% Portuguese brand that presents, for now, four versions of a swimsuit that promises a uniform tan, thanks to a material that selectively filters UV rays.

“Bobo” (meaning nonsense in Portuguese from Brazil) is to have tan lines in summer – at least is what the three friends that created the beachwear brand believe.

About two years ago, Sara Santos has visited her friends Rafaela Monteiro and Daniela Francisco to dance together in Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival and on the beaches. Together with the desire to embrace the sun, a question united the efforts of the creative trio: how could they have an even tan with a swimsuit?

«The brand was born this year but the idea has already two years. It came up after the identification of the problem: we love swimsuits but we want a uniform tan. From there on, we searched for a way to turn the idea into reality», explains Sara Santos, one of the three graduates in architecture that launched Coração Bobo in May 28th, to Portugal Têxtil.

In this atmosphere inspired by the Brazilian sand, the name is also closely connected with the spirit that the three of them want the brand to exude: «innocent, light, energetic, joyful, alive» and comes from a music from the Brazilian composer Alceu Valença, with the same name.

Architecture is still part of the daily life of the founders of Coração Bobo, who defines it «as a personal fulfilment», however, the attention gathered with the idea that pleases all beach-goers are turning the brand’s swimsuits in a holiday must-have.

«Fortunately, swimsuit fashion was rescued and, today, is more likely to find women with a swimsuit on the beach than a few years ago», one can read in the online website of Coração Bobo, a platform where it happens the brand’s sales. «However, if you ask most of women why they don’t use a swimwear, the most usual answer is: “I don’t use a swimsuit because I want to get tan!”», it adds.

But, with the intervention of the three friends, this answer no longer has a reason to be. Fabrics used in swimwear collection of Coração Bobo is «composed by a special polyester yarn, specifically developed to control the UV rays. It works like a selective filter of Uv’s, in which the pre-selected quantity of both wave length, UV-B and UV-A, results in a perfect combination that provides an even tan».

Coração Bobo’s technology was tested by the Hohenstein Institute, in Germany, so the brand can assure that the dangerous and carcinogenic UV-B rays are absorbed almost in its totally, «about 90%», while the less-dangerous and responsible for tan UV-A’s are «selectively transmitted».

The online address of the brand has other useful information, like this one, about the material used in Coração Bobo’s pieces, which also offers «lightness, durability and free of movements», as well as quick-dry, «thanks to the porosity of the fabric, which reduces significantly water retention». The swimsuit’s fabric is also breathable, since «besides letting the sun rays passing through, it also allows the air to pass through».

The manufacturing of Coração Bobo is made in the north of the country, while its design is made by the founders. «Considering that our main goal – to end tan lines, the piece has to have a very simple construction (avoid seams, elastic bands – elements that block the sun rays). On the other side, it was very important to be an elegant piece that enhanced the sensuality of each body», says Sara Santos.

Currently, Coração Bobo has a swimsuit with four different patterns: Coração Puro, Coração Apaixonado, Coração Radiante and Coração Atrevido.

The patterns were created and registered by the three friends, based in some manual techniques. «We have come a long way of experimentation and testing until this final collection», says Sara Santos.

The pieces of the brand – already with some styles sold out in some sizes – have a price of 55 euros, considered by the founders as «just and accessible, in comparison with other brands in the market». And the sales of this young beachwear brand already crossed national zip-codes, with orders from Europe, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States and, of course, Brazil.

To Sara Santos, there are several consumer-targets for Coração Bobo, considering the trendy side of the piece and its traditional approach. «On one hand, a younger public that identifies itself with the idea but also with the design and the prints; on the other hand, a more adult consumer that, sometimes, for having insecurities about their body, prefers to use a swimsuit, instead of a bikini, but wants an even tan», she says.

To open a pop-up store and expand its offer – as well as to launch a new product «still this summer» and launch sporty pieces – are part of the three friends’ plan for Coração Bobo, which meanwhile is enjoying the sun of social media to make more and more friends.